Ancient Kauri Wood

Buried beneath the earth's surface in New Zealand lies a wooden treasure - Ancient Kauri Wood.

In New Zealand, Kauri trees grow. Some of the trees living today are an estimated 1200 years old and are protected from harvesting. But buried beneath the ground, ancient kauri tree remains have been discovered. These trees have been carbon dated to 30,000 to 50,000 years old. The perfect conditions (lack of oxygen) of the peat bog they were buried in preserved them. Thus making ancient kauri the oldest workable wood and probably the most exotic wood in the world.

Aside from this history, the wood itself is amazing. On highly polished pieces, spectacular qualities in the wood give it an iridescent glow. The resin and sap has crystallized over the years. The way the grain reflects the light gives this wood an organic appearance. Also the colors, golden shades of yellows, browns and reds are very beautiful.

Natural Designs sells raw wood and manufactures finished products using Ancient kauri.

These are some pictures of the wood itself and some finished wood products other people have done.